Issey Miyake SS2017 Geometric Pleated Ensemble

  • Issey Miyake’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection was entitled Microcosm. Designed by creative director, Yoshiyuki Miyamea, the show was inspired by the recreative essence of nature, the blossoming of flowers and growth of trees. The ethereal theme was realised by complex pleating that gave way to natural shapes and patterns. 


    This ensemble, made up of a cropped cardigan and mid-length skirt, combines the themes of the show with bold silhouettes. When laid flat the set evokes a mythical element, reminiscent of a Rorschach test inkblot. 


    Both pieces are folded and layered like angular origami with thick fabric to create a geometrical effect. The top, for example, is almost completely symmetrical, to the extent that it could be intentionally worn upside down with only minor differences in the collar and sleeves - a single button at the centre of its pointed lapel promotes this capability. 


    Likewise, the skirt shares many of the same qualities: its side seam is elegantly contoured to the shape of the body, while its hem is pointed jaggedly. An elastic waistband makes it effortlessly comfortable. Together, this ensemble is the epitome of Issey Miyake’s innovative yet wearable design ethos.

    A similar look featured in look 31 of the runway, with further similarities in different colourways seen in looks 28-30.


    Made in Japan.


    Composition: 58% Polyester, 37% Silk, 5% Polyurethane


    Condition: 9.5/10 - No Flaws.

  • Size: 2 


    Fit: Both OS fits all. Cardigan is cropped while skirt is mid-length with elestic waistband.